Squad Mortar Calculator

2020 –  App

react-native android ios

Squad Mortar Calculator is a simple Android/iOS app to calculator mortar targeting statistics for Squad. While excellent web-based alternatives exist (such as SquadMC), this calculator seeks to increase immersion a bit by removing the map-based approach. Additionally, I still was interested in experimenting with React Native, and added TypeScript to the mix this time.

Simple calculator for Squad mortars

The app provides a basic calculation workflow to input a mortar location and target, outputting the mortar targetting statistics as a result. A custom keyboard allows entering grid locations easily, utilizing a alpha-numeric keypad.

The project is built with React Native for Android and iOS, following Google's Material Design concepts. It involves several new concepts for me, including React Native itself (second project), TypeScript in a React Native project, and integration with both app stores (painful). The app has been publicly released and is open for suggestions/feedback!

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