About Me

I am passionate about… using my dev skills to help people.

I enjoy computer programming with an emphasis on web development, as well as expanding my knowledge of various programming languages and techniques. I appreciate working through a challenge by careful analysis of the problem and potential solutions. On a personal level, I am a dedicated team player who enjoys collaboration and personal relationships while still being committed to producing quality work. In my spare time, I love exploring different technologies, both web and otherwise, as well as learning about all things related.

I have found that I am most profitable when using my skills to develop meaningful applications that benefit people. Working on behalf of another and seeing the need for a product allows me to share their passion and focus on delivering an experience that meets their needs. This influence has also affected my singing and travels, causing me to travel and sing for a purpose other than solely the experience.


I am passionate about… continual learning by experimenting and making mistakes.

My first exposure to the world of programming was a self-taught C# and XNA course in high school. I began applying to various programs while working for a year as an electrical apprentice. After being accepted into the Computer Programmer/Analyst program at Conestoga College, I began my studies in September 2014.

Although the program was more focused on traditional application programming, I began to develop an interest in web technologies. My co-op placements (specifically Focus21) over sixteen months only furthered this interest. I graduated at the top of my class in June 2018 with a 4.0 GPA. Since graduation, I have continued to explore my interest in web technologies and look to see where it leads in the future.


I am passionate about… continually living my life in a way to reflect God the Creator.

Born and raised in a Mennonite setting, I have always had an appreciation for our traditional values and strong work ethic. I have found comfort and meaning in living my life according to the standards God has set out through the Bible. As I continue through life it is my goal to treat everyone with the same love and attention that God has given to us. My faith has also played an integral part in my appreciation for music and nature, as both are capable of bringing peace to me while experiencing troubled times.


I am passionate about… using my musical and choral gifts to make a difference.

Music has played a major role in my life almost as long as I can remember. Some of my first memories include travelling with my parents while they toured with a gospel ministry group. I took piano lessons for eleven years, completing my RCM Grade 8 exam in high school. While I no longer actively play, those years of learning and practice fostered my passion and drive for choral music.

Choral music has long been a source of escape from the bustle of life, and I enjoy both the relaxing and technical aspects it brings. I have been privileged to sing in a variety of choral groups over the years, including several recordings and international tours. When not participating in a larger choral setting, I enjoy helping and singing with the occasional local community choir (Village Voices). More recently, I helped start a small ensemble (Heart Cry Ensemble) that focuses on encouraging churches with a minimal youth presence.

  • Faith Builders - British Isles tour/recording (2015)
  • Acclamation Chorale - Spirituals recording (2018)
  • Exultate Ensemble - Paraguay tour (2019)
  • Cantate Domino - Premiere recording (2020, 2021, 2022)

Spare Time

I am passionate about… taking time to relax and enjoy life.

When not working in front of a monitor, I can often be found reading, singing, playing sports...or sitting in front of a monitor. I enjoy pursuing my programming interests in my spare time, whether creating simple games in Unity, experimenting with new web technologies, or relaxing in a co-op game with a group of friends.

However, a rest from the pursuit of technology is vital to maintaining a healthy balance! I also spend a large portion of my spare time reading a wide variety of genres, but particularly fantasy/fiction. Some of my favourite memories include my first glances at The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, to name a few.

I have always enjoyed several sporting activities, including baseball, ice hockey, volleyball, and now golf. Eye surgery in 2018 enabled me to pursue a lifelong dream of being a goaltender, something that was previously unfeasible. More recently, a small group of friends has developed an interest in playing (or attempting to play) golf. In lieu of a particular sport, I also enjoy hiking and spending time with our youth group.


I am passionate about… travelling and experiencing different cultures and traditions.

Travelling has quickly become another one of my passions, narrowly eclipsed by choral music. Whether a choral tour, mission trip, or family trip, I have always enjoyed experiencing different cultures and their way of life. There is so much to learn from observing another culture's experiences and life. I have especially enjoyed being able to serve and work alongside people via the mission field.

Several trip highlights have included my first international trip (visiting relatives serving on the mission field in Grenada), my first international choral tour (British Isles), and recent trips to discover the roots of my heritage and religion (Switzerland and Israel). I was also able to spend a month working remotely from Greece in 2021; a definite highlight amid the pandemic!

  • Grenada - family trip (2010)
  • Guatemala - mission work (2013, 2014)
  • England - choral tour (2015)
  • Europe - history tour (2017)
  • East Canada - family trip (2017)
  • Paraguay - choral tour (2019)
  • Israel - Biblical tour (2019)
  • Guatemala - Spanish school (2020)
  • West Canada - vacation (2021)
  • Europe - remote work/vacation (2021)