2020 –  Website

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My portfolio site has been work in progress for as long as I have been a developer. Each progressive iteration has explored a new technology (at the time) as I was learning, much to my current-self's chagrin. However, it has proven a valuable learning resource each time, allowing me to grow more comfortable with my skills and preferences.


HTML and CSS (2015)
The initial site was a (non-responsive) attempt at demonstrating at least a basic web prowess with HTML and CSS...enough said.
PHP (2016)
The change to PHP brought an awareness of designing a responsive website, done utilizing the Foundation grid framework. Additionally, I experimented with fragments and eventually reworked the entire site to use a custom-built MVC approach (primarily for pretty URLs).
React (2018)
As I entered the "real-world" through my co-op experiences I realized that SPAs were the up-and-coming star of the web world. Determined to jump on board, I focused on React for several months, learning to love its slight idiosyncrasies and creating my own structure and practices. I've been working with React for over a year now, both at work and in play, and decided to experiment with Gatsby for hosting my static portfolio on Netlify.
Vue (2020)
The React/Gatsby site stagnated soon after its initial creation. However, I had been exposed to Vue during my time at Focus21 and really developed a love for it. My experience with Vue/Gridsome on another project prompted me to overhaul the site again. I have been very impressed with both Vue and Gridsome, and am happy with what I have been able to accomplish using them. While I did experiment with Vercel for hosting the site, I eventually decided to continue with Netlify as a host.